1.  An end to end guide to -omics projects - from planning to experiments to publishing

This workshop series is offered in 2 parts. A basic workshop on fundamentals and theory of bioinformatics targeted to people who are new to this field and a second more advanced workshop incorporating hands-on data analysis for people who have completed the basic workshop or those with basic knowledge already. 


Click the links below for more details on each workshop. You may choose to register for one or both workshops.  As these are quite popular, please register and pay early to book your seat!  


15 August 2019

One day of lectures on fundamentals and theories of bioinformatics plus group sharing and a genomics clinic  

A Crash Course in Genomics


25-27 September 2019

A 3 day intensive workshop covering basic to advanced analytical methods.  

Whole Genome Sequencing: Basic to Advanced Data Analysis

This workshop has a new date, 25-27th September.  We thank our registered participants for staying on with us.  Please click on the arrow for updated information

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2.  Proteomic Data Analysis  

This workshop aims to provide a crash course for researcher interested in proteomics research by giving an overview of bioinformatics data analysis involving proteome dataset, particularly nLC-MS shotgun proteomics. Participants from different backgrounds will benefit from this workshop that covers a broad range of topics from beginner to advanced levels. 

Upon the completion of this workshop, participants will be capable of: 

  • Understanding the requirements of MS proteomics data analysis 

  • Executing data analysis for large-scale prote(omics) 

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Organised by MAPS in conjunction with the 27th FAOBMB & 44th MSBMB Conference

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Malaysian Agricultural Proteomics Society (PERSATUAN AGRI-PROTEOMIK MALAYSIA Reg. no. PPM-015-10-05092016) provides a platform for networking among scientists in all areas of proteomics research.