Chairperson's Message

Dear Prospective Sponsors and Exhibitors


It gives me great pleasure to invite you to participate in the upcoming 27th FAOBMB Conference held in conjunction with  International Meeting-44th Annual Conference of the Malaysian Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (MSBMB) with the theme 'Biomolecules: Networks & Systems'.  The FAOBMB Conferences are major scientific activities of the Federation of Asian and Oceanian Biochemist and Molecular Biologist (FAOBMB), a regional body that promotes the science of biochemistry and molecular biology through education, research and technology applications. The last FAOBMB Conference held in Malaysia was in 1998.


The Conference in 2019 will be particularly meaningful as it will also celebrate the occasion of the MSBMB being accepted as an adhering body of the IUBMB in 2016.  The IUBMB promotes biochemistry and molecular biology throughout the world in collaboration with regional bodies such as the FAOBMB.  Hence, the 2019 Conference will incorporate a special symposia on 'Mosquito-Borne Illnesses' integrated within the conference programme.  Furthermore, there will be a Young Scientists Programme for early career scientist from around the world.  Both these activities will be supported by the IUBMB in recognition of the MSBMB joining the Union.   


This conference is expected to attract more than 450 participants comprising researchers, academics, students, industry professionals and government officials with at least one third being international participants.  We have built an attractive scientific programme with extremely strong and renown speakers to share current exciting finding on biochemistry and molecular biology related to networks and systems of biomolecules. Being aware that mosquito-borne illnesses are major threats for developing countries,  a special symposia dedicated for mosquito-borne illnesses will also take place in this conference. We believe that this will indeed attract a truly captive audience.  We encourage you to support the conference through various sponsorship opportunities such as the trade exhibition and advertisements, both print and digital.  In addition we also provide other opportunities such as lunch talks, conference bags, stationery and a mobile app to support sponsor announcements, just to name a few.  Our teams will be standing by to reach out to you to discuss what works best for you. 


I look forward to your participation and support in making this a landmark scientific event for Malaysia in August 2019. 


Thank you.

Lim Yang Mooi

President or the MSBMB & Organising Chairperson,

27th FAOBMB & IM-44th MSBMB

19-22 August 2019

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