Welcome to the 27th FAOBMB & 44th MSBMB Conference 2019! 

The theme of this conference is “Biomolecules: Networks & Systems”, with a focus on “mosquito-borne illnesses”. This conference is also supported by IUBMB on the occasion of Malaysia (MSBMB) to become an Adhering Body of the Union. This is the fourth time a FAOBMB meeting is held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (after the 2nd, 7th Conferences and the 8th Congresses that were held here in 1979, 1988 and 1998, respectively).


We thank Prof. Lim Yang Mooi (from the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman), President of Malaysia Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (founded in 1973). For a federation of currently 21 member societies and of 46 years of history, representing about 60% of the world population, each FAOBMB scientific conference is valuable, for promoting both research and education in biochemistry and molecular biology in our area.


I am sure that this meeting in Malaysia will become another highly memorable event for us all! Please come to enjoy the conference and the beauty of Malaysia!

Zengyi Chang, Ph.D.

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,

Peking University, Beijing, China.



Federation of Asian and Oceanian Biochemists and Molecular Biologists (FAOBMB)

Dear friend and colleagues,


It is a very special privilege to welcome you on behalf of the Malaysia Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (MSBMB), to the 27th FAOBMB and 44th MSBMB Conference with the theme of Biomolecules: Networks & Systems, which will be held from 19th to 22nd August 2019, at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This conference is supported by the FAOBMB and IUBMB.

This meeting will present a broad array of topics in contemporary biochemistry and molecular biology ranging from fundamental studies, mechanisms of disease, drug discovery to applied biochemistry in industry, while on a deeper level, an intended emphasis on mosquito-borne illnesses, which encompasses issues of great importance to the region and also globally.  The mosquito is the most damaging insect-vector transmitting bacterium, viruses and parasites that cause diseases such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever, chikungunya, and zika.  In recent years, insecticide resistance coupled with greater movement of people around the world have led to the spread of diseases to areas previously untouched by these diseases.  Prior to this meeting, a 2-days Young Scientist Programme (YSP) will be organized for a group of 36 rising stars in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology to share their excellent research findings. The YSP will be held from 15th to 18th August 2019. Other than the main conference and YSP, there are 3 additional programmes will be organised to highlight and discuss the issues that are closely related to academia and research. These are Women in Science Forum, Education Symposium, and Young Career Development Forum.


This meeting would provide a platform for scientific deliberations among researchers who have a common interest in biochemistry and molecular biology, and also would provide fertile ground for many ideas and opportunity for networking, as scientific research should not be carried out in isolation and the findings should be communicated.

Malaysia is located in the heart of Southeast Asia with easy access from all parts of the world. Malaysia is geographically diverse with white, sandy beaches, to lush tropical rainforests rich in flora and fauna to cool, crisp highlands, including Mount Kinabalu the tallest mountain in South East Asia. Thus making it as the strategic venue for meeting as well as to visit many tourist attraction in this region.

We hope you will be part of this conference and make the meeting an outstanding scientific meeting, as well as to visit our beautiful cities and spectacular scenery in this region.

Professor Dr. Lim Yang Mooi

Organising Chairperson

President, MSBMB